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Growing up in South East Louisiana, I didn't have a lot of access to comics or art education growing up, but I avidly enjoyed everything I could get my hands on. One thing I noticed, time and time again, is that whenever the South, particularly Louisiana, was depicted, it was usually in an unfavorable light. Although I struggled to grow up down here, and often felt out of place, I loved the beauty of Louisiana's nature and wildlife, and wanted to tell stories that felt unique and true to my roots. I create children’s comic books inspired by my own experiences, as well as the experiences of those around me, with a little magical realism thrown in.

As a comic artist, it’s important for me to create stories that not only provide opportunities for escapism, but also to use my experiences to create a lens for the readers to view the world from another perspective. Comics opened so many doors for me, giving me insight to other cultures, fueling a desire to travel and experience the world, and created an opportunity for me to visit so many states and meet so many new people, and I want to inspire the next generation of comic artists.

Life as a comic artist in the South is definitely not easy, but I make it happen by following multiple artistic avenues, participating in online communities, and saving up my frequent flier miles for travel. A positive representation of South Louisiana is important, so I color my comics with distinct Louisiana diversity and charm.

Living in the South, most of my work is done remotely, and my comics and illustrations have been included in a half dozen anthologies spanning a variety of topics. As a freelancer, my clients are as varied as Lego and Dollar Tree, and for years, I also worked as a convention artist, selling comics and commissions across the United States. Things have settled down quite a bit, and now I focus on creating comics and illustrations, sharing my knowledge on Youtube, and teaching with the St Charles Parish and the Ascension Parish Libraries. I am always open to comics and illustration work—just get in touch!

















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Artist and Illustrator

Creator of 7” Kara Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Lilliputian Living. Her work has been featured in anthologies such as Once Upon a Time, Chainmail Bikini, and 1001 Knights.


MFA in Sequential Art

2013 MFA in Sequential Art from SCAD: The University of Creative Careers

2009 BA in Fine Arts with Hypermedia concentration from University of New Orleans


Teaching Artist

Taught comic craft, zine creation, and draftsmanship at college, high school, and middle school, community education courses, private classes, and public libraries.


Art Outreach

Recorded thousands of art videos on Becca Hillburn: Watercolor, Markers, & Comics and written hundreds of blogs at Nattosoup, art and process blog on art supplies, reviews, convention recaps, technique tutorials, and general tips.

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