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Teaching students to make art a habit

I'm a comic artist and freelance illustrator drawing and teaching in Destrehan, LA. I have an MFA in Sequential Art, and have been creating comics for 20 years. I've taught at colleges, community colleges, libraries, schools, conventions, art supply stores, home schools, and private art co-ops. So you know I've taught all different age groups, but teenagers are my favorite because they're just developing their unique voice as an artist.

My lessons are designed to be fun, build confidence, and teach the technical skills: composition, draftsmanship, color theory, and storytelling. I demonstrate to my students that through guided practice, anyone can draw! I plan my own lessons and produce all of the examples, demonstrations, and take-aways myself. Everything is catered to my teaching style and audience.



Book me for a class!

I'm available for in-person and virtual classes! Book me for your Girl Scout / Boy Scout art related merit badges, your library, your homeschool group, or your art class. Browse my existing class catalog or I can develop a class for you!

  • Virtual, existing class: $80 / hour
  • In person, existing class: $100 / hour
  • New classes: $50 development fee
  • In person classes, materials provided: $50 venue materials fee

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At Your Service


Artist and Illustrator

Creator of 7” Kara Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Lilliputian Living. Her work has been featured in anthologies such as Once Upon a Time, Chainmail Bikini, and 1001 Knights.


MFA in Sequential Art

2013 MFA in Sequential Art from SCAD: The University of Creative Careers

2009 BA in Fine Arts with Hypermedia concentration from University of New Orleans


Teaching Artist

Taught comic craft, zine creation, and draftsmanship at college, high school, and middle school, community education courses, private classes, and public libraries.


Art Outreach

Recorded thousands of art videos on Becca Hillburn: Watercolor, Markers, & Comics and written hundreds of blogs at Nattosoup, art and process blog on art supplies, reviews, convention recaps, technique tutorials, and general tips.

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