A mermaid in a swamp, surrounded by huge lilypads.  She's holding up a frog.
Close Up of the Lilypad Mermaid.

Lilypad Mermaid Art Print 9x9


More mythical mermaid magic!

9.00in. × 10.00in. × 0.40in.

Fans of the channel might remember this illustration from my Paul Rubens Round Watercolor Block fieldtest.  It depicts a blue-green mermaid in a swamp, surrounded by huge lilypads and waterlilies.  She's holding up a frog.

This print can be framed as is, or the illustration can be circle cut and float framed.

Prints are an affordable way to own a piece of art.  My prints were handled by Catprint, and are printed on their Heavy Card Stock with the felt finish- art quality stock.  All prints are bagged in a UV resistant bag, and have a backer board to provide stability.  9"x9" is a somewhat standard frame size, so it should be easy to find a frame at Michaels or another big box or craft store that sells frames.  Every print has been signed and dated.

My artprints are as gorgeous as the real thing- I'm so happy with how they printed!