Paint Your State Kit in WhoDat
Materials Included in the Paint Your State Kit
Paint Your State Kit packed and ready to go
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Paint Your State: Louisiana


A watercolor experience. Just about everything you need for wet into wet watercolor, and tutorials to guide you! You don't need to know how to paint to get started with this kit. I've got you covered.

12.00in. × 9.00in. × 1.00in.
The color theme for this kit effects what paints will be included in your palette

Create a beautiful watercolor Louisiana—no need to know how to paint! I've carefully curated some of my favorite watercolor supplies into a kit that's both satisfying and easy to do! Just follow my instructions. I've included both a written tutorial as well as video tutorials. So paint along with me!

Kits are available in

  • Mardi Gras: Purple, green, and gold
  • Who Dat: Black and gold
  • Tiger: Purple and gold

Materials In This Kit

  • Louisiana printed onto cottonrag watercolor paper
  • Large watercolor Brush
  • Small watercolor brush
  • Professional-grade watercolors
  • Small palette
  • Bottle of masking fluid
  • Masking fluid pickup
  • UV protective bag
  • Chipboard Support
  • Video tutorials
  • Written instructions

Other Paint Your State states are available by request. Email me for details!